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Parking: Metered parking is available on downtown streets, various public lots and in the Hickory Avenue parking garage. Parking at meters in Downtown Bel Air is FREE after 5 pm on weekdays and free on weekends and holidays. The Town encourages visitors to take advantage of free parking for the first fifteen minutes at any metered space during the weekdays.

Please review the following link provided by the Town of Bel Air. Bel Air Public Parking.

The following parking areas are within proximity to the office:

N Main Street has metered parking on both sides. (.50 an hour)





W Lee Street is directly across from the office location and has metered parking on both sides. (.50 an hour)

E Pennsylvania Ave (not the parking garage) offers free 2-hour parking.


The parking garage located on E Pennsylvania Ave offers metered parking. (.50 an hour)

The office is located on the corner of N Main Street and E Lee Street in the Spenceloa

Main Street Center. The front office door is labeled with 103. Our office is on the 2nd floor.


The handicapped entrance is located on Main Street near the entrance to US Taekwondo Academy. The wheelchair-accessible ramp leading to the elevator entrance is located out front towards the middle of the building. The wheelchair-accessible ramp is on the opposite side of the front of the building.


We are located *in* the Spenceola Main Street Center.
Our entrance is located on Main Street
We are located less than a block from the Armory.
Bel Air Elementary school is located behind our building on E Lee Street

Parking for Premier wellness healthcare
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