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Teletherapy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is teletherapy?

A: Teletherapy is defined as the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services via digital communications.

Q: What does this mean for me?

A: At Premier Wellness Healthcare we utilize teletherapy to efficiently provide mental health services in situations such as severe weather and/or the convenience of our patients.

Q: What if I prefer to be face-to-face with my provider?

A: We utilize our patient portal, Simple Practice, to perform teletherapy services.  This portal allows you to talk to your provider through a video platform.  This video platform allows you to see and talk to your provider without being in the office. 

Q: What are the benefits to me, the patient?


  • You can do this from the comfort of your own home

  • You save time and gas!

  • You don’t have to pay or search for parking

  • Providers can provide more flexible hours

Q: What materials do I need?

A: A computer, phone, tablet, or another electronic device with internet access and the ability to utilize a camera.  You will also need to access your patient portal for our practice.  You will also need to inform your provider what state (location) you will be in before your session. Providers are only able to provide service to patients when they are licensed in the state the patient is in at the time of service. 

Q: What about my insurance?

A: Most insurances now consider teletherapy a covered service.  However, a quick call to your insurance company can ensure that this method of treatment is covered. 

Q: How can I fix connectivity issues that I am experiencing during my teletherapy appointment?

A: If you are having trouble with your connectivity during teletherapy sessions, review our tips to improve your session here​.

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