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Photo of Mara Egorin-Williams, RPA

Mara Egorin-Williams, RPA

Mara Egorin-Williams, RPA received her Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from Towson University. She enjoys working with children and families, teens, and adults. 
Mara has over 24 years of experience in the public school system as a school psychologist. This allows her to bring the school experience and knowledge to empower parents to advocate for their child within the school setting to share successes and what their child may need at school. Providing parents with this type of consultation allows her to educate and inform parents as they often navigate through challenging and often emotional meetings with strength and increased knowledge of the sometimes overwhelming process in schools.  

Mara specializes in childhood/adolescent emotional, mental, and behavioral needs such as anxiety, ADHD, autism, depression, DMDD. She believes that when working with children and families, it is often discovered the need to learn and support children does not stop in one setting or another, rather, learning and support are needed across all settings and to varying degrees. Working with children in a private, clinical setting allows her the opportunity to learn about the child, family structure and dynamic, and support the emotional, behavioral, and social needs while working with the individual and providing the family with education, strategies, and support to create plans and supportive ways to achieve these goals both at home and in the community.

She also specializes in anxiety, mindfulness, depression, medical health diagnosis and acceptance, and ADHD in adults.

Mara is grateful to be able to work with her clients. “Cheers to may more years and to good mental health!”

Mara Egorin-Williams is able to see patients with Aetna, BCBS, CareFirst, Cigna, Optum Behavioral Health, and United Healthcare insurance. She is not able to see any clients out of network. 

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